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Tom’s Asphalt offers its clients in Texas the very best Fort Worth Chip Seal application at an affordable price. With 3 generations of Fort Worth Chip Seal & Paving expertise, Tom’s Asphalt is the go-to licensed contractor throughout Texas and the Texas Panhandle.

Tom’s has perfected Fort Worth ChipSeal application and its paving methods throughout the years, and our return customers will vouch for us. Expert Chip Seal in Fort Wroth is a paving option that is affordable and is drastically better than a dirt or gravel driveway or parking lot. Don’t consider it an upgrade, consider it the only way to pave your property.

Don’t consider Tom’s Fort Worth Chip Seal an Upgrade, Consider it the Only Way to Pave!
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Affordable Chip Seal in Fort Worth

Affordability is a huge perk when you chose to go forward with your Chip Seal application in Fort Worth, TX. First it is best for us to explain what Chip Seal actually is. Chip and seal or Chip & Seal is a paving resurfacing or surfacing practice that combines several layers of asphalt with one or more layers of aggregate. Typically Chip Seal is used for residential driveways or rural roads that carry lower volumes of traffic. Here are a several reasons why choosing Tom’s Asphalt in Fort Worth is the best way to go when repaving, resurfacing, or sealing your property’s asphalt.

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    #1 Chipseal Services in Fort Worth

    Protecting your existing pavement – To save you a boatload of money down the road, no pun intended, Fort Wirth Chip Seal is a wonderful way to take preventative measures in protecting your existing lot or driveway. Fort Worth Chip Seal application protects your existing pavement from weather, wear and tear, and extreme heat in the summertime. Visit us today to see how the process works and if it is a good fit for your residential or commercial property.

  • Affordability AND Quality – Compared to a concrete lot or driveway, Tom’s Expertly Installed Chip Seal in Fort Worth is more affordable AND effective. We offer competitive rates for all of our services. Tom’s has paving specialists that have been in the industry for decades. They get the job done right the first time for a bargain. Tom’s realize that you work hard or your money, so we work twice as hard to make sure you keep that hard earned cash in your pocket. Because of our outstanding business and reputation, we are able to offer savings to our customers because they have taken such good care of us. We thank you.
  • Easy Installation – Depending on the size of the project, Fort Worth Chip Seal Application isn’t a lengthy project. Now that we have perfected our chip & seal process, it is super easy for us to put down, while leaving your property in pristine condition. We also are excellent about working around our client’s schedules. The less hassle, the better, right?
  • Easy to Maintain - Your Fort Worth Chip Seal surface can and will last for years to come, unless of course you’re hellbent on dragging a tractor or backhoe across it over and over again. It also allows for some essential rain water and other nutrients to get to the ground below without damaging the surface or longevity of your driveway or parking lot.


What exactly is chipseal?

Fort Worth Chip seal (also chipseal) is a paving surface treatment that combines one or more layer of asphalt with one or more layer of aggregate. Tom’s has perfected their aggregate mixture and fine tuned their application process of their chipseal mixture in Fort Worth. Typically used on rural roads that carry lighter traffic, Tom’s Fort Worth Chip Seal can protect your road from falling into further disrepair. Fort Worth Chipsealing is used in conjunction with new road construction to make the road more durable and longer lasting.

What are the benefits of getting Fort Worth chipseal?

The benefits of Tom’s expert Fort Worth chip seal is that it can keep your existing new pavement in excellent condition by sealing out water and protecting it from the elements. Perfect for private roads, long driveways or just residential lots, our Fort Worth chipseal is affordable and easy to maintain throughout the years. Routine pavement maintenance is always recommended with any surface you choose to go with for your home or business in Forth Worth. The drawbacks are few. Our Fort Worth Chipseal is usually best for private use, although some commercial applications have been used. It can only be cleaned off with a solvent remover or diesel fuel.


The Best Chip Seal in Fort Worth | Tom’s Paving Solutions TX

While the same basic ingredients in chip seal pavement are used in other types of pavement, it all comes down to the way the asphalt is mixed and then applied. This is a paving surface that can be quickly applied – which makes it perfect for some roads. Here’s a look at some of the other benefits of Fort Worth chip seal paving.

  • Equipment – Tom’s Asphalt of Fort Worth, Texas has the most up-to-date paving equipment out there today. We use modern machinery to ensure that your project, no matter how big or small, receives the same attention to detail as the competitors.
  • Our Staff are Personable and Informed – Tom’s is home to the best staff of Fort Worth paving experts and employees. From exceptional customer service agents to our highly experienced staff of chip seal contractors, we stand by our quality of service.
  • Prices –  We can keep our prices low by keeping the quality of our work high. Our returned customers ensure that we can take those earnings and turn them into savings for both or new and returning customers.

Want to know why Tom’s Asphalt Paving Solutions is the #1 Fort Worth Chip Seal Contractors throughout the Texas Panhandle?

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