Amarillo Chip and Seal

Amarillo Chip and Seal

Amarillo Chip and Seal

Amarillo Chip and Seal pavement is affordable and tremendously better than a dirt or gravel driveway or parking lot. At Tom’s Asphalt Paving Solutions, we provide all sorts of pavement contractor services, including installing chip & seal driveways, parking lots or walkways. The beauty of chip and seal pavement is that it’s not expensive, but it lasts a long time when properly installed and maintained.

It all comes down to the aggregate used – the small stones – as well as the asphalt mix that is used to bind the aggregate. We’ll go into this a little more below as well as show you why you should hire us for all your chip and seal projects in Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding areas. Continue reading to learn more.

Chip and Seal in Amarillo, TX

While the same basic ingredients in chip and seal pavement are used in other types of pavement, it all comes down to the way the asphalt is mixed and then applied. This is a paving surface that can be quickly applied – which makes it perfect for some roads. Here’s a look at some of the other benefits of Amarillo chip and seal paving.

  • Protection – If you’re protecting from moisture, chip and seal pavement does a wonderful job. If you already have some type of pavement, chip and seal can be added to the top to further protect the underlying surface. Give us a call if you have any questions about this process.
  • Affordable Price – When compared to other paving surfaces – like concrete – chip and seal paving is really quite affordable for most budgets. At Tom’s Asphalt, we offer competitive rates that are very reasonable for the quality work we provide. Want a free quote on your project? Just give us a call.
  • Easy to Install – One of the best things about going with Amarillo chip and seal is that it’s super easy to put down. When we give you a quote on the price, we’ll also let you know how long the job is going to take to complete. We will work around your schedule if necessary.
  • Easy to Maintain – As long as you’re not scraping it constantly with a snow plow, your chip and seal driveway or parking lot is going to last for years to come. It’s actually really easy to maintain. If you have any questions about maintenance on your chip & seal surface, just give us a call.

Amarillo Chip and Seal Experts

At Tom’s Asphalt Paving Solutions, we are experts at chip and seal pavement. Here’s a look at some of the reasons you should choose us for your next paving project throughout the Texas panhandle region.

  • Equipment – We use modern equipment with all the latest technology and methods for mixing asphalt. By using the right tools and materials, we get the job done correctly the first time.
  • People – Our staff is professional, friendly, and skilled at what they do. Whether you’re talking to someone in the office or a worker on-site, you can rest assured that they will be professional, courteous and helpful.
  • Prices – By keeping our prices competitive, we have been able to build up a good reputation as affordable paving contractors. We’ll give you a free quote on your next project if you give us a call.

Want to know more about Tom’s Asphalt Paving Solutions and why we are #1 in Amarillo, Texas and the Panhandle for Quality Chip and Seal Paving? Contact us right away. 


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